Through our rigorous and time-tested process, we’ve introduced our community of Family Offices to innovative companies and service providers from all over the world. This process is iterative and thrives on creating opportunities for personal introductions, on-line and live events, and most importantly data.


Co-investment with other like-minded Family Offices, foundations, endowments, and individual investors creates critical mass by pooling resources. It enables participation in larger transactions with more confidence thanks to the opportunity to diversify risk and share expertise. While it’s easy to talk about co-investment, putting it into practice requires a lot of trust. That’s where we come in. FORCE connects investors and provides them with the co-investment opportunities they won’t find anywhere else.


Many of our members are focused on Giving Longevity, the ability to give and have it pay dividends to a cause for generations. If you are working on an opportunity that is ESG or Impact based, we’d like to hear from you as many of our Family Offices, foundations, and endowments are looking for causes they can support.

Having the opportunity to help others is a privilege and brings us satisfaction above all other activities. If you have a cause that you think our Family Office community would benefit from learning about and would like to share it, please submit your application via our contact us page.

For more information on how FORCE can assist you, please explore the site or contact us at your earliest convenience.