FORCE works with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Foundations by introducing them to leaders of public and private companies looking for open market buyers and privately held businesses at the capital acquisition stage. We’re constantly bringing unique opportunities and information to our community and make connections by actively seeking out best-in-class companies for introduction. In addition, our elite peer-to-peer community brings individuals, endowments and foundations together all over the world, facilitating both information sharing and networking. 

We provide multi-generational support in order to assure continued success and wealth preservation. By providing exceptional resources, information and unique opportunities, FORCE helps ensure individuals, endowments and foundations are well positioned for the future. Our events and thought leadership panels are all designed to help families maximize their capabilities when assessing sectors and opportunities. This includes uncovering investments in small and mid-cap companies.


Service is at the heart of the FORCE brand. That’s why we have the largest network of transaction-oriented foundations and endowments in the U.S. FORCE specializes in bringing people together to share intellectual capital, best practices, best-in-class service providers all in the context of finding unique investment opportunities.