The Alkaline Water Company
The Clean Beverage Company

The Alkaline Water Company was created in 2012 when co-founder Richard A. “Ricky” Wright and his partner noticed two growing trends; the rise in alkaline diets and the perceived benefits of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. Combining the two, they worked with leading water engineers to create a deliciously smooth taste and trademarked the name Alkaline88® – the number represents the perfect 8.8 pH level of the water. Using all-natural ingredients, it didn’t take long for the company to earn the moniker, The Clean Beverage Company™. But “Clean” goes way beyond taste.

Since then, Alkaline88 has become the 10th largest enhanced water brand on the market. It is the only top-10 value-added water that has grown double digits every month since 2019.  There are many reasons for this success including a constant flow of new and innovative products, flavors, and packaging.

As the brand prepares to enter its second decade, Alkaline88 is poised for exponential growth with expanded distribution, a reduction in the use of single-serve plastics, and a bold, new marketing initiative.

Alkaline88 has partnered with basketball legend, successful entrepreneur/investor, and philanthropist, Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq, as he’s commonly known, has been an Alkaline88 drinker for years and is such a big fan he decided to become an equity partner and member of the Company’s Board of Advisors. As Mr. O’Neal said, “I invest in things that are going to change people’s lives. I also only invest in companies I believe in and products I use. Alkaline88® checks both boxes. We’ve got big plans for this company and I’m looking forward to being a key player in its continued success.”

As a company that relies on natural resources for its success, sustainability has always been at the core of the The Alkaline Water Company’s mission. They were an innovator in bulk water packaging that uses less than 1/3 of the plastic in equivalent servings of single serve bottles. Today Alkaline88 Beverages are packaged in BPA-free, 100% recyclable PET bottles and have recyclable caps and labels. The company exceeds the strictest US sustainability requirements for using recycled materials – in fact, Alkaline88 uses more recycled material in their bottles than Nestle, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. California will have new standards for all plastic bottles beginning in 2022, standards Alkaline88® products already exceed. Their bottles also feature the thinnest label films in the world, reducing the carbon footprint by 25%.

In addition to plastics, Alkaline88 was the first national water brand to be sold in aluminum bottles that are infinitely recyclable. Approximately 70% of the water they use is sourced from aquifers and springs, reducing municipal water usage. Alkaline88 has also redesigned their ionization process to reduce the use of both electricity and water.

Distribution will grow significantly from the 75,000 retail outlets currently stocking Alkaline88. The company has hired a new director of hospitality that will lead the charge into food service, hospitality, and specialty retail outlets. They’ve also hired a new director of e-commerce to take advantage of online buying habits by establishing the brand on,, and other digital marketplaces. Alkaline88 has also partnered with numerous Direct Store Delivery providers and now have access to a potential 50,000 C-Stores through their DSD network. The company also has plenty of room to continue to grow in grocery and specialty retail and is looking to finally break into club stores.

The Alkaline Water Company also features the A88 Infused line, six natural, no-calorie flavor-infused waters. They will be adding a 750ml aluminum bottle to complement the current 16-oz. size, as well as a new 2-liter single serve and six pack, dubbed the Shaq Paq, the first product collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal. Finally, Alkaline88 will be launching a line of functional CBD waters under the A88CBD brand pending legislative approval.

The Alkaline Water Company has a market cap of $177 million on $46 million of revenue in 2021 and a compound annual growth rate of 52% from 2015-2021.

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