The Data Engine That’s Driving Autonomous Vehicle Development And Other Advanced Technologies In China

What do Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other 21st century industries have in common? They all have a need for massive amounts data. 

Luokung Technology (NASDAQ: LKCO), based in Beijing, China, has developed a cloud-based, data-processing SuperEngine that can handle information 1,000 times more efficiently than other technologies. That’s driving adoption of their platform by leading players in five key tech sectors in China:

  1. Autonomous Driving
  2. Smart Cites
  3. Remote Sensing
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Mobile Internet Location Based Services

Autonomous Vehicles process massive amounts of data in nanoseconds to replicate and improve upon the decision making of a human behind the wheel. To make a fully autonomous vehicle requires precise mapping, a myriad of sensors, constant communications with other vehicles and the grid. Luokung offers a new High Definition mapping solution on top of an approach of “collecting while using,” to leverage the observation and measurement capabilities of the vehicles. By quickly completing vectorization and change detection at the edge, and synchronizing to the spatial temporal database in real time, we substantially reduce the cost of HDmap acquisition. Luokung is working with China’s largest automaker, Geely and has partnership agreements with Ford and other global companies. 

Smart Cities integrate and automate transportation, communication and power infrastructure management to create an environment that runs smoothly, safely and efficiently. Luokung provides the high-performance foundational spatial/temporal cloud platform services to the whole-industry-chain service providers of Smart Cities.This removes the bottleneck of massive data handling, and has allowed us to develop successful case studies and best practices in transportation, environmental protection, emergency response, city operation, business intelligence and other industries. Luokung has recently entered into a partnership with Changjiang Yuntong, a Digital Smart City investment, construction, and operation management platform that should result in projects in digital city construction, smart city data operations, transportation and other public industry smart service solutions in Wuhan City and Hubei Province.

Remote Sensing Data Service

Luokung has built a cloud service platform for real-time processing, distribution and application of large-scale image data. Gathered from high definition satellite cameras as well as other sources, it can provide real-time processing and publishing, dynamic service and online application. As a technical service provider to China Centre for Resources Satellite Data and Application and various Cloud service providers, Luokung is the supplier of PaaS and SaaS cloud services of national remote sensing data platform helping monitor environmental changes, illegal building, and other critical services.

Internet of Things

Luokung provides cloud services managing real-time data from up to 100 million sensors to support smart city IoT and industrial IoT. They support real-time processing of IoT data in nanoseconds, and intelligent monitoring of production processes and city operations.

Their services have been successfully applied to oil and energy, industrial manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent Internet, and other industries.

Mobile Internet Location-Based Service

Luokung provides users the ability to create, manage, use and secure their maps. They provide private map making and management service, and private real-time business spatial temporal data analysis service for major industry customers. Mapping data and operations data are completely owned by the customers with no external data leakage. In addition to map service, Luokung offers location data service to mobile application product developers, business operators, and service aggregators. Luokung provides data computing services, supporting millions of electronic fences and spatial temporal accurate profiling and other comprehensive services, which are open to developers in order to collectively develop a spatial/temporal computing ecology.

If you’d like to speak with the leaders of Luokung about how their helping auto manufacturers, local and regional governments, service providers and other entities unlock the potential of their data, contact Steven Saltzstein, CEO of Force Wealth and we’ll schedule an introduction.

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