RocketFuel Blockchain (OTCQB: “RKFL”) has created an instant, secure, and seamless payment system that can be used by both online and brick and mortar businesses to handle transactions of any size. Once implemented by retailers, RocketFuel will allow customers to purchase items with just one click. There are no forms to fill out and no credit card codes to enter. RocketFuel customers just choose the buy with RocketFuel option at checkout then all necessary payment and fulfillment information is automatically transferred via blockchain. 

Widely acknowledged to be the gold standard for online security, blockchain protects both buyers and sellers by using distributed ledger technology to link blocks of encrypted data that are impossible to change or counterfeit. Instead of being stored on a central computer, blockchain uses a global peer-to-peer network that verifies the data, making it the most secure form of information transfer available today.

Not only is RocketFuel’s technology secure, the system is also instantaneous. Today, credit card transactions take days to process, costing retailers millions of dollars and exposing them to widespread fraud. In 2018, $24.26 billion was lost due to payment card fraud worldwide and it is increasing by more than 15% per year. With RocketFuel the money is transferred directly from a buyers bank account or cryptocurrency wallet into the merchant’s account the instant the customer makes the purchase.

The RocketFuel one-click “BUY-NOW” check-out solution is game-changing technology that promotes high conversion efficiencies and stimulates impulse buying in e-commerce scenarios. It also ensures the extremely high payment security and privacy infrastructure that current online purchase systems are lacking.

RocketFuel offers a myriad of benefits to consumer:

  • No money stored
    The App is not an eWallet and funds are not administratively held
  • Data protection
    Personal data protected. Zero exposure of spending authority
  • Convenience
    Easier and more consumer-friendly check-out experience. Just 1-3 clicks.
  • No more forms
    Consumers are not required to fill out new forms, create account/login details, passwords and usernames.
  • Compatibility
    All smartphones supported

Merchants also gain big from adopting RocketFuel technology:

  • Impulse buying
    Frictionless buying enables impulse online purchases
  • New sales channels
    Buy-now and check-out integrated into online ads
  • Lower costs. Improved cash-flow
    Eliminates expensive intermediaries and creates immediate payments
  • Exceptional conversion efficiencies
    Fewer checkout hassles create significantly higher conversion rates
  • Keep customers close
    Social media platforms no longer need to redirect members to third party advertisers
  • Enables highly automated fulfillment
    Encrypted payment and shipping information is processed automatically

In addition to providing an instant, secure, and seamless payment RocketFuel eliminates intermediaries that add cost throughout the payment process. That means RocketFuel can save merchants up to 90% compared to the price of a credit card transaction. 

RocketFuel has three patents pending on its proprietary technology and is currently in beta with a number of European retailers. RocketFuel will be ready to go live with a full customer deployment in Q1 of 2021.

If you’d like to learn more about RocketFuel and talk to CEO Peter Jensen about the company’s next-level technology, contact Steven Saltzstein, CEO of Force Wealth and he’d be happy to make the introduction.

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