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Dr. Robert Langer Leads a Discussion Of Best Practice in BioTech Startups

Dr. Robert Langer has been granted over 1,400 patents, been cited in more than 331,000 scholarly publications, and written more than 1,500 articles. He’s also a founding father of Moderna, the pharmaceutical company that is helping bring COVID-19 under control. Dr. Langer joined us for a recent webinar with one of his proteges, Dr. Nina Tandon, Founder and CEO of EpiB0ne.

15-years ago, Dr. Tandon was a bio-engineering student in his lab, where she began her work on electrical signaling in the context of tissue engineering. After receiving her Masters at MIT, and two PhDs from Columbia, she started EpiBone, a company that is growing bone tissues in a bio-reactor for use in facial reconstruction surgery with the support of Dr. Langer and many others.

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