Project Description


Change is on the road. The switch from petroleum-powered cars, trucks, and buses to electric vehicles is inevitable and accelerating. With such a seismic shift comes monumental opportunities. This change will disrupt every aspect of the $3 trillion transportation industry including vehicles, infrastructure, retailing, and service.
FORCE Wealth and ROTH Capital Partners co-sponsored two 45-minute panel discussions with thought leaders in the electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure sectors to help investors understand where those opportunities may exist.
Our first panel will included leaders from electric vehicle manufacturers:
  • Lordstown: Manufacturer of Endurance, the world’s first all-electric commercial pickup truck
  • Canoo: Bringing the ultimate in utility to the EV sector
  • Electra Meccanica: Maker of the Solo personal EV commuter car
  • XL Fleet: An industry leader in electrification for Class 2-6 commercial fleet vehicles
  • Lion Electric: Innovative manufacturer of all-electric class 5-8 commercial urban trucks, buses and minibuses

Just fill out the form to view the video of this panel discussion on electrification of the transportation industry hosted by Harvey Briggs, FORCE communications director and Editor/Publisher of the website, Rides & Drives, moderated by Craig Irwin, Senior Research Analyst at Roth Capital Partners.